Monday, December 19, 2016

Standing Rock Sioux VS Trump----The New Administration's First Domestic Crisis?

Opposing Forces Seem To Be Lining-Up for A Possibly Tragic Collision In North Dakota, After January 20th ...

             Is A Shocking Clash Coming?       

The Sioux anti-pipeline protests earlier in the Fall were met with violent suppression by security officers and other mercenaries of the Dakota-Access pipeline company. 
The confrontations escalated and soon involved tear gas grenades, high-power water hoses in freezing weather, rubber bullets and biting guard dogs. These militarized tactics caused injuries, some serious, among many protestors. Links are below in YELLOW

Multiple Injuries In North Dakota As Oil Pipeline Crews Destroy “Sacred Land”

Militarized Police Injure 167 At Dakota Pipeline Using Water-Cannons, Flash-Bang Grenades And Tear Gas

And still, the Dakota Sioux and their allies, who stand in opposition to the oil pipeline project across Sioux land, and feel it threatens their long-term water supply,  are determined to stand strong.
Sioux Protestors Against Pipeline Will Not Leave, Even After Government Order

There will likely also remain for a time at least, some passionate Veteran presence there, 
as a result of  a reported 2000 or more vets who joined the Movement.
Veterans Arriving To Support Dakota Pipeline Protesters

Sense Of Duty Motivates Veterans Supporting Sioux Pipeline Protest

                              Emotional moments like these have strengthened the    
                      connection between the vets and the Sioux.

Obama delayed construction back in September-October, but only temporarily.
Pipeline Company Ignores Obama’s Order To Halt Pipeline Construction

 Obama finally kicked the ball into the near future of Trump's administration with his ordering of an Environmental Review. 
Perhaps he could have acted more boldly, perhaps not. 
It is hard to say what his other alternatives would have been.

Obama Suggests Controversial Dakota Pipeline Could Be Re-routed

And so now, an alarming re-configuration of forces are potentially aligning into what 
could possibly be a confrontation with tragic results.

Trump has strong ties to the Dakota Access pipeline company that go beyond his stock ownership, and involve big campaign donors.
Trump Closely Tied to Energy Transfer Partners, Operators of Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

Although Trump has now reportedly sold his stock in the Pipeline Company, his Energy Secretary pick, Rick Perry, also has strong connections to that same company.
Trump Dumps Dakota Pipeline Stocks, But Rick Perry has Problems too

And Trump has recently said he wants to see the pipeline built.
Trump Supports Completion Of Dakota Pipeline  

Trump's Transition Team Says Trump Favors Finishing Dakota Access Pipeline

America's investment community certainly has faith that Trump will push for the 
pipeline's completion.
Stock In Dakota Access Pipeline Company Rises 11.7% Right After Election

President Trump may be tempted to show his "strength" in this confrontation, supporting the company as the Chief Executive,  and green-lighting extreme tactics,  forcing the Sioux, by any means necessary, to acquiesce. If this is done using intense, state-sanctioned violence (the company would likely employ its most hard-core private security forces), and protestors or bystanders (Sioux, Veterans, or Press) actually DIE, it could split the country, and put Trump's presidency into crisis right-off-the-bat. 

How hard will Trump's response be? Can he find a middle-ground? Does he even want to? 
Or, will Trump surprise everyone and act as an honest peacemaker between the 2 sides?

Another potentially dangerous element is the possibility of a local backlash against the 
protests, especially by white citizens unsympathetic, or even possibly racist, towards the Sioux.
Dakota Access protests expose raw divisions and emotions in North Dakota

Is this situation building-up into a powder-keg?

The Dakota Access Pipeline protests will offer an immediate test for Trump's presidency, 
and his much-discussed temperament,  possibly right after his inauguration.

The country, and the world, will be watching.
And the stakes will be high.


  1. I urge everyone to join in the fight across the Nation. To all band together and fight trump and his hateful racists agenda. He's already showing signs of a Dictator. And I will not stand silently aside while he and the republicans dismantle everything that our Greatest Leader of the 20th Century gave us. Water is life and we must protect it or we're all done for.

  2. I can easily see this as being a flashpoint for our country. Trump's agenda will be revealed and it is time for liberal's to embrace 2nd Amendment rights to protect themselves and country. I hate even thinking that, but it is true.

  3. This Truthout article is scary as hell ...