Sunday, December 7, 2014

What is a "Suspicionist"?

A Suspicionist 
is a person who does not, for lack of final factual verification, completely accept any particular conspiracy theory, but who nonetheless 
has sincere and strong suspicions that the 
"official stories" given for certain 
big events in human history are 
not adequate, seem incongruous or flawed, 
or could realistically be a "coverup-story"----Especially when the concept of  CUI BONO ("who benefits"?) is applied, and a strong probable motive is discovered for powerful forces who would reap that benefit. 

Tower 7 on 9-11

 Judge Napolitano says: Be suspicious of 9-11 "Official story"



                                                 Remember The Maine...

                        Destroyed hulk of USS Maine, Havana Harbor, 1898

American Citizens lied and tricked into wars, again and again




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